Advertisers are the engine room of internet revenue unarguably, 70% of people that made their money on the internet  may be trace to internet advertisement. There are three main stake holders in internet advertisement they are i. advertisers ii. Ad network iii. The publishers/creators or/developers. Among this three stake holders advertisers are the only set of people whose money is shared among the ad network and the publishers/creators/developers with a huge expectation from the ad network and the publishers. It is imperative for every blogger to put advertisers interest above personal interest due to some obvious reasons like:

1.EASY GROWTH : for a blogger to move from point a to point b he or she must fulfill the wish  and aspirations of the advertisers .one of the main reason why many blogger remain stagnant is that they fail to understand the fact that  there is a stake holder in the system called advertisers whether major advertisers or independent advertisers.  The advertisers are the most powerful stake  holder in internet advertisement  , without them the ad network  and publishers  would crash. Publishers and ad network exist because there is something to advertise. They best way to measure the growth of your blog/channel / mobile app is the way advertisers are bidding against each other to display their ad on your platform. If your platform is not attractive to advertisers it means you’re not doing enough and that should be a big concern for you.

INCREASE IN REVENUE:  the easiest way to increase your revenue is to Aline your self whole and entire with the most powerful stake holder in internet advertisement called internet advertisers. Some ad network gives major advertisers the privilege to decide how much they pay  bloggers creators or developers as the case may be. At the end of every month the every  statistics or information about your site is collated and made available to the advertisers for. Information like the number of visitor and viewer your able to generate over time, the demographics of such viewers as well as the referees of such visitor. The number of times your able to publish article on your blog especially lengthy article and many more. All these would be articulated and made available to the advertisers for them to bid on how much they would pay for advertisement displayed on your platform.

POPULARITY: no blogger/creator or developer can be popular by shortchanging advertisers. Some advertisers are even looking for bloggers  they can work with without involving the middle man which is the ad network. So if your popualr enough you can negotiate advertisers directly without their by aliminating the middlemen

THE MAJOR INTERNET ADVERTISERS : the major internet advertisers are the incorporated firms whose job is to create awareness about the existence of a particular product or services. They are trustee people can count on to deliver qualitative advertisement without fear or favor. They include:

 Google ad word:  this is the official google advertisement platform that specialize in collecting ad from client .

. App Nexus : is another  internet advertisement platform base  in American. They have a transnational technology company whose cloud-based software display place enables and optimizes  online advertising.

Aol market place: is a web portal internet marketing firm base in new York united state a subsidiary of a popular communication firm called verizon

Criteo : this is another giant in the industry . Criteo is a modified re targeting company that works with Internet retailers to serve custom-made online display advertisements to customers who have beforehand visited the advertiser’s website. The company currently operates in a total of 30 markets around the world and is headquartered in Paris,


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