How to get word ad automatic approval in just 10 seconds

Getting instant approval from word ad is very simple but difficult to some people simply because they don’t know the procedure to follow. Word press powers over 30% of the internet so it is an advantage for all that created their blog/site on word press platform to monetize without stress. However there are laid down procedure to follow for you to get word ad approval in just a matter of second.

  1. Create your blog account on word press: word press is the largest content management platform on the internet housing over 30% of the entire World Wide Web. Creating your blog on word press platform gives advantage to participate in their ad program. Creating a blog on word press is very easy and simple, it cost absolutely nothing. If you have e-mail account you can successfully create your own personal blog in few minutes.
  2. Start posting immediately: after creating a blog it is your duty to start writing. Without been told you would know that bloggers are publishers. With your writing you draw attention and command followership. Regular posting of articles is the key to successful blogging.
  3. Start customizing: your post and pages needs to be carefully arranged. The background and the general out look of your site matters a lot. Nasty site scare visitors a way, so it also necessary that you put your site outlook in proper perspective.
  4. Host your site on worpress platform: hosting your site on wordpress platform is very compulsory no doubt about it. Many resort to self hosting, that is accepted but it makes you consideration to join the program very complicating. My advice for everybody who wish to get instant approval is to host the his or her blog on word press platform because it makes your approval very easy and guaranteed.
  5. Apply immediately: if you follow the above four steps correctly you can successfully join word ad without any stress but if the steps were not followed am afraid you have to cross check you site.

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