Five reason why word ad is the best ad network for beginners

Ad is one of the easiest way of monetizing a blog or website. Monetizing a blog/website is a goldmine that many bloggers and web developers would like to venture into. It is not always easy for beginners, many have spent years trying to monetize their platform but find it difficult to actualize it. There are ad networks that can easily review and accept your application and also give you the opportunity to maximize revenue. One of such ad network is word. Word ad is the official word press ad network that is partnering with over fifty internet advertisers to deliver advertisement on your platform.

There are many reasons why I consider word ad as one of the best ad network for beginners, the reasons include but not limited to

Easy  review and acceptance of application: word ad is one of those ad network that can easily review and accept application from suitable qualified applicant without any further delay, it take less than 30 minutes for word ad to review and accept peoples application. Once the requirement is meet you can see ad displaying on your platform. So if you’re a beginner looking for ad network to partner with give word ad  try.

Best revenue calculation method:  word ad calculate revenue base on number of impression made. So , you get paid per number of times ad is seen by your visitor that is called C.P.I(cost per impression). This can  to help beginners to earn some money without visitors necessarily clicking on the ad.

Revenue maximization: word ad is doing marvelously well this time I personal can testfy to that. All word ad users can testy that there is an increase in revenue  for the past seven months or their are bout. Word ad is partnering with over 50 top internet ad suppliers like: google ad sense , appnexua , yahoo ,aol, amazon a9 bidvertizer etc all the above mention ad suppliers are bidding against each other to display ad on word ad platform.

Invalid click or impression: invalid impression for word ad dose not occurs when users view your page or post repeatedly as is done in other network.  Word ad enjoin its user to generate magnitude of views provided it is human and not robot. As a beginner you can tell your friend and family to view your pages and post as well Without committing any offence.

Daily revenue processing: word ad process revenue daily and finalizes it at the end of the month. This is done to allow publishers to access their performance. So as to plane for the future. As a beginner on word ad network you can see how much you have earn at the end of the day


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