The effect of invalid click and invalid impression

Any effort geared towards inflating advertisers cost and publishers earning is regarded as invalid click or invalid impression. This might be intentional or accidental but the truth is that Invalid click or invalid impression as the case may be has adverse effect on a blog or website. It is natural for publishers to do anything possible to earn high, however inflating your clicks or impressions as the case may be doses you site more harm than good. Some company like goggle has mechanism that checkmate invalid click.

 things that constitute invalid click: things that constitute invalid click varies depending on the ad network, nevertheless there are things i personal think that may constitute invalid click they are as follows

  1. Publishers clicking there ad or generating impression: impressions and click generated by a publisher in the cause of doing their publishing work is not counted by any ad network
  2. Repeated click or impression by one user : ad network like Google ad sense does not accept excessive click or impression generated by one user but for ad ne4twork like word ad that is very much allowed
  3. Automatic clicking tool like reboot: this is one of the biggest crimes as far as invalid chick and invalid impression is concern. Many has device the use of boots to inflate clicks and impression this is called inorganic traffic and is not accepted by any ad network or advertisers’ because their ad is not seen by human but by an in human device

The effect of invalid click

The effect of invalid click cannot be overemphasis thus

1. In ability to get approval from ad network: one of the reasons why some sites find it difficult to get approval from ad network is as a result of invalid click. The source and quality of your traffic must first of all be verified by the ad network before approval is given.

Suspension: invalid click has cost some bloggers to lose their hard earned ad account. Many ad company reserve the exclusive right to show any body that violate their traffic rules the way out, this may result to total termination of ad account with all the outstanding revenue.

Revenue deduction: site with invalid click always witness deduction in revenue. That is where there is a disparity between estimated revenue and final revenue. Many thinks it is easy to shortchange advertisers but I can tell you authoritatively that it is not easy.

Limited ad serving: many sites do witness limited ad serving or seen some regular ad constantly, this is not normal. Every page impression is expected to display with ad and one of the major causes of this is invalid click


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