The most secured way of generating web traffic.

Web traffic is a very important aspect of every web engagement since all online programs are meant for people. It is good for every online platform to have magnitude of visitors that would show that the product or services in question is well accepted and it is making impact. One of the easiest way of monetizing web platforms and contents is through ads. However ad revenue is calculated base on the number of visitor you’re able to generate over a period of time. Web traffic supposes to be natural however but due to technological advancement many people explore different means to generate web traffic. This has forced most ad network and advertisers to create mechanism that will checkmate fraudulent traffic. However there are genuine ways of generating traffic accepted by most ad network they include

SEO( search engine optimization) Search engine optimization  is the procedure of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as natural, organic, or earned results. In other words seo  is the process by which a website or a we page is shortlisted as one of the possible when a keyword or phrase is entered on the search bar.the higher a website or a web page is ranked on the search engine the more visitor is likely to generate.  Search engine optimization has prove to be the best way of getting we traffic due to it general acceptance by many as non fraudulent traffic.

How can I create seo friendly content? This is a question many ask and no doubt the question deserves a concrete answer. Bloggers and many online platforms need seo to survive. However to create seo friendly content there are laid down procedures to follow

I.THE USAGE OF HEADLINGS AND HEADS MUST BE OPTIMIZE: headings and headlines is very crucial for it gives your document a well defined shape, easily accessible and very attractive.

II. OPTIMIZE THE LENGTH OF YOUR ARTICLE: optimizing the length of your article clearly shows the you have enough insight on the topic your dealing with. The more lengthy an article is the more information it likely to contain.

III.IMAGE OPTIMIZATION : it is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. With an image on your article it makes more clear meaning to your audience on the information you want to pass across. This is a very important aspect of blogging that most bloggers neglect including my humble self. Bloggers should learn to use image, pictures and graphics to make a clear meaning of their article.

IV.CONSIDER CREATING A SHAREABLE CONTENT: making your content sharable is also very important this could be done by linking your blog to the international community.inserting I sharing buton is very important this will make it shareable on such media like facebook, twitter,linkedin among others.

V.ADDING LINK TO EXISTING CONTENT: linking your post with the previous make you post very vibrant on the seo. Search engine like google, bing, aol, yahoo etc would promote it voluntarily

VI. TAGGING: is very important. Well tagged post and pages stays long on the search engine.


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