Statistics has shown that 50% of new blogger did not continue after twelve months, they winded up just like some online platform. This might be deliberate or accidental but whichever one the bone of disputation is if the mission is accomplished or not. It is not normal for a blog to just fold up like that, something went wrong somewhere and that should be a concern for companies that owned platform where people create blog account.

Before we go into the reasons why most new blogger could not continue after one year, may I quickly point out who a new blogger is?

A new blogger is a person or group of persons who has a blog account but has not clock one year in the system. In other words a new blogger is a person or group of persons who has not spent 12 months in customizing and publishing on a web blog.

So many reason would force a blogger to call it a quit, the reasons includes but not limited to

1. LACK OF BASIC AND FUNDAMENTAL INFORMATION: information is more powerful than wealth, the level of information you have at your disposal goose a long way to determine how well and how fast you grow as a blogger. You need to understand how blog works and different way to generate revenue. Some people starts blogging with a great enthusiasm but when they are confronted with challenges they give up not because they really want to but because they can’t help themselves. If you ask an average new blogger how he or she intends to generate revenue you would be chock on the respond you would get. I enjoin new bloggers to take time and study the business very well, if possible go for blog training, read articles, go for seminar all these would help you on the long run

2. LACK OF FUNDS: money is needed for the day to day running of a blog. As a new blogger you continue to spend until the very day you collect your first pay out. You spend money in various ways for example domain registration. You spend between one hundred to two hundred and fifty dollars on domain purchase yearly. Some blogger go the extra mile of buying traffic or seo promotions just to bring in more visitors. The money spent on daily purchase of data bundle is not also left out all these expenses force new blogger out of the scene.

3. DELAY IN PAYMENT PROCESSING: most ad network process payment at $100. This has been a problem for new blogger considering the expenses they have made in the course of building their blog. All their eyes are on the dashboard where earnings are displayed. This is worst for people who do not have other means of survival or people who borrow to finance their blog. Supposing payment is made at $30 or $50 dollar this would relief on the side of a new blogger.

4. GREEDYNESS: greedyness is another reason why some new blogger could not continue after one year. They like to empty advertisers pocket. They do not believe in the proverb that says “a little drop of water makes an ocean” people like that needs wealth no doubt but they did not want to work. They don’t have quality content but they expecting more visitors, they don’t have strategy but they want to maximize revenue. My advice is this; the ingrigent in success is not the level you attain but your ability to keep going in the mist of challenges. As a blogger you are not immune from obstacle, they a part of our daily life, they make us strong for with them we cannot be successful men and women. So any obstacle you are passing through as a blogger is not designed to pull you down but to make you strong.

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