The Five main search engine on the world wide web

 Search engine is a software that search for information on the world wide we. The importance of search engine cannot be over emphasize that’s  why every browser has an inbuilt search search engine. Many thinks that google search engine is the only search on the world wide web, some of them may describe we search to mean googling. But there are many search engine that existed long ago before google search engine. The purpose of this post is to highlight the five main search engine and how they shape our world.

1.GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE:google search engine is the first business vensure emback by google found larry page. Google as a company was primarily lunched to market their first business (google search engine). To day google search engine is flying high beyound expectation. Due to effeciency and reliablity google search engine has become the largest and most used search engine on the world wide web.

How can I use google search engine?

For those who may be interest in  using google search engine, most browser  have google search engine as their default search engine, most preferably google chrome has an authentic in built goolgle search engine.

 2.YAHOO :yahoo search engine is another search engine doing prety well on the world wide web. owned by yahoo .

how to use yahoo search engine: their easiest way to use yahoo search engine is to change the settings of your browser, locate the controll button of your browser, change the default search engine to yahoo or visit their site use the search bar on their home page.

3. BING: bing is one of the newest search engine on the world wide web. it owned and manage by Microsoft co-operation of usa. One outstanding attribute of bing is the popular bing reward program. The bing reward program is an arrangement where users of bing are paid in dollars. In other words your would be paid for using bing search engine in the cause of browsing and making research on the internet.

How to use bing search engine:

For those who may like to use bing search engine, you can use bing for searching information on the internet by visiting or better still change your settings click on the control buton of the browser your using, change the search engine setting choose bing.

4.ASK: Thel Ask  search tool was developed in 1996 by two greate men Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley, California. It launched in April 1997 with the concept that users could search in plain English, so that it became a popular consumer tool that appealed to users who were not familiar with searching the web. their web address is visit the above web site if you want to use ask search tool.

 5.AOL: aol was one of the oldest search tool their existence could be trace as far back as 1991 As at  that time they have not started search tool.AOL  also known as America Online is one of the hihgly respected company in us . their search tool is one of the most use search engine in us. is their address.

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