The advent of the internet has made it possible for people to hire or get hired for one job or the other no matter the distance. There are many who has skills like:painting, plumbing,writing, sewing, shoe making,roofing and many others too numerous to mention. However there are  many who are in urgent needs of these service earlier mentioned. They may need someone who will offer them home or personal service at his or her own convenient time.

There are platforms on the internet that has the mandate to link your up with professionals that can offer excellent service or  clients that has highly rewarding project.

Such platforms includes:

UP WORKS: up works is one of the biggest platform on the internet that brings freelancers and clients together. The us base company has the networks to connect you with top  freelancers and clients with repute even in your own locality and across the world. They earn some mount of money on  all of your jobs. Before you get your money, they  takes a percentage of that money. The  is calculated depending on how much you’ve earned with the contractor. For the first $500 you earn, Upwork takes a 20% commission.

How can I create account with upworks?

To create account with upworks is very simple and direct.

Log onto their site www.upworks.com

Click on signup

Type in your first name,last name and a valid e-mail address.

Click on get started

Choose hire for a project  if you’re a client. But if you’re a freelancer choose work as a freelance. agree to their terms and conditions and complete the rest .

TEXTBROKER: textbroker is a freelancing site exclusively design for writer and those in need of writing project. It is a place where authors and client comes in contact with each other, they have mechanism in place to verify and certify authors. If you are  interested in writing for textbroker or you need a writing project, here are procedures to follow to start working with them.

Firstly you need a valid e-mail adress to get started if you have one click here or head straight to their site. Click on free registration , then choose the divide you belong to as a client or as an author . so which ever one you choose you are good to go if you an author you can face some prelimary test, in otherwords you need to prove your really an author. If you a client you can start posting your project and get connected with already verified and certifyied aiuthor

SCRIPTED : is another platfom that brings writers and client in close contact. it is an online marketplace that connects businesses with freelance writers for blogs, articles, and bulk social media posts. Located in San Francisco united states of america

there are many other freelancing site like fivver,problogger,inkedhuwriter among others 


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