Five indisputable problem new bloggers face

New bloggers face a lot of challenges, they pass through difficult times before they become successful in the business. It takes courage to excel to enviable height In life .A whole lot of people starts blogging with a great enthusiasm ,but when they meet the big wall of Jerusalem they give up perhaps the mountain is to big for them to climb . some cross the red sea but could not get to the promise land because of obstacles they meet on their way up. I don’t know how you feel about the biblical talking I brought in, but all is to describe to you how stressful it is to build a vibrant we blog you can be proud of any where any time.

New bloggers face a lot of problems but I wish to start with this one:

How to create a blog: the first problem new blogger’s face is how to create not just a blog but a professional one indeed. Some people might disagree  with me that the above mentioned is not a problem , but I can tell you that a person became a blogger the very first time he/she decides in his or her mind to create online platform where he/she can share thoughts with the world. Some don’t create a blog just for the sake of money, they wants to touch lives, above all, they wants to be heard. And the best way to let the world hear  is to create a personal platform on the internet, their you talk to the global audience at once.

In case you don’t know how and where to create blog there are platforms on the internet whose job is to assist you create a blog. They include



What to write and whom to write to: one thing is certain ,for you to be a successful blogger you must know how to put pen on just like exercise. Writing is not the main issue here. The main issue is what would you ditch out and the sweetness of your ditch. Roam was not built in a day so , you can start with any thing in your mind and gain perfection as you progress.

Beautifying  your platform: the nasty look of some platform in terms of appearance scare readers a way even when there is something sensible to read. This is one of small but mighty problem new bloggers face. Having the knowledge of how to customize a web blogger especially the home page where visitors see first is very important. The type of them that best suits your platform for instance, there are them that are good for text a lone such could not be used for a photo blog.

The best way to monetize the blog: many spend hundreds of dollars to put their platform in good shape. It takes time, money and energy to setup a beautiful platform with compelling content. So this is the appropriate time to recover the money and energy spent in course setting up your platform and also earn a living. The big question is , which platform or ad network would be suitable for your content? which platform would easily accept your platform. There are different ad network with different programs and policies. So it is better to check the policy that regulates the ad network you would like use before signing up.

Revenue maximization: revenue maximization is an indispensible factor as far as web monetization is concern. How much and how well you earn depend largely on so many factors like:

A: the ad network you sign up with : the ad network you sign up with goes a long way to determine how much you earn .there are two revenue model use by different ad network  thus effective cost per  thousand impression (ecpi) and effective cost per click (cpc)these two revenue model have their merit and demerit.

The demography of your visitor: the location of your visitor is another factor that determine how much you can earn .currently advertisers pays higher for visitors in south America especially united states of America.

Content: rich content site with compelling sentences attract readers which would finally bring in more visitors and viewers. However advertisers pay high for rich content site rather than nitch

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