Four things you don’t know you can do with your PayPal

Many people knows pay pall as just a us company that mediate online payment and also serve as an electronic alternative to old paper system of payment like cheque and money other.

There are more to pay pall than just payment processing. the founders of pay pall has many things in mind other than pay and get paid.

One of the things you don’t know you can do with pay pall that might interest you is

Business funding:  pay pall has setup online mechanism that allows pay pall customers to access credit facilities to grow their business. This is for those who has genuine business intensions , dream and inspirations but did not have money to set it up or those who have business that is already in existence perhaps has no money to  expand and take the business to the nest level. They give soft loan ranging from $5,000 us dollar to $50,000 us dollar.

This is open to over 200 million  customers using pay pall.

How to apply:

The first thing that qualifies you for pay pall business loan is just to create pay pall business account. Creating a pay pall account is very simple and also fee. But there is something I want to note at this point ,their two pay pall account type namely personal and business account.

Personal account : this lets you shop & settle some bills online.

Business account: this is where you enjoy full pay pall package which borrowing is one of hem. I strongly recommend this type for any one who wish to enjoy the full service pay pall offers.

After creating account with pay pall particularly business account you would advance to the next level which is applying for the loan. The simplest way to aplly for the loan is online since pay pall is an payment platform every thing they do is online. Simply log on to pay sign into your account click on pay pall loan. Remembered the ultimate decider of who is qualified for pay pall loan is web bank member fdic{federal deposit insurance corporation of us)

Expert advice: pay pall also offers consultant service to their customers when the need arise

 Website development:  pay has partners who can successfully create an e-commerce and cart shopping site for those who may have interest in creating such.

Accounting solution: pay pall has accounting solution mechanism for customers who may encounter problem or does not have an idea of how to harmonize invoice payment and cut down administration cost. Instead of wasting time on that pay pall has partners like quick book & zero that would help harmonize your account and save more time.


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