google ad sense is the leading advertisement network on the internet , however a lot of people want to apply and make money from their pay per click program. the stander-ed ,criteria and requirements set by google ad sense increases year after year making it difficult for applicants to join. nevertheless the following are thing you can do when rejected or barred out rightly

1 increase the content of your ad sense does admit sites with little or no content as a matter of fact for one to be accepted into ad sense community one must have between seventh to one hundred articles/posts with about 500 to 1000 words each.

2 check the number of months you blog has being in existence: how old your blog is ,is also a factor.blogging is not an instantaneous activity for it takes time to develop a blog with a rich content. google ad sense prescribe at least six months this will give you enough time to customize  your site/blog very well and off course fill it  with rich and valuable content.

3 check the language of your site/blog . google ad sense does not accept sites/blog with languages like canadian language and many other languages it good to note this.

4 join word ad . one of the fastest growing advert notwork on the internet is word ad owned by word press of united states of America. some people have wasted their time amending, customizing and beautifying their site/blog just to get accepted by google ad sense but at the end of the day got a shocking responds that his or her site/blog has not meet the expected criteria . about 70% of those applied for google ad sense are rejected for one reason or the other. word ad has come to accept both those who are rejected and those who are barred . as the he fastest growing ad network their requirement is easier to what are you waiting for jion word ad today and you would optimize all you would if you were to in google ad sense


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