The federal government academy also kwon as school of the gifted child has anounce the date for their 2018 entrance examination.As disclose by the registrar of the school the exam is schedule to hold on 12 may 2018.


It is expected that all the candidates that applyed for the exam should be at the venue on or before 9am in the mornong that very day being saturday the 12th day of may 2018


Candidates are instructed to come to the exam venue with these material

1 the duplicate copy of the form the candidate fillded and submmitted to the school either by hand or through curier service

2 A teller showing the evidience of payment of the approved sum which is #1,500 into the school tsa(tresury single account) any payment that is outside the tsa is not accepted.

3 Birth certificate that shows that the candidates is not ,ore than eleven years old by the end of the current academic session.

4 Any evidience showing that the candidate  will complete his or her primary or basic six education by the end of the current academic session. Such evidence may be the second term result.

Candidates are also advise to come with writting materials like: pen, pencil and e razor. materials like phone , calculator and electronic gadget are highly prohibited candidates are not allowed to come with  let alone entering the exam hall with such material.


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