independent national electoral commission (INEC) has announce the deadline for the collection of pvc(permanent voter’s card),the deadline according to the commission is 20th December this end all Nigerians  who are eighteen years of age and above including those who have lost or misplace their card are seriously advised to as a matter of urgency  obtains their pvc. those who wants to transfer their registration from one location to another  can also do that within the time frame  .there is no space for late registration. Nigerians are also warned in strong terms not register twice because double registration dose  not only constitute an electoral offense but also made the first registration invalid. parents and guardians  of Under age children are advise to stop their children from registering for it an offense to register under age children.

where to obtain permanent voter’s card

it  advise to register in a place that is more continent to you.A place  that is trek able because on the election day movement is restricted    from 6 pm in the morning to 6 am in the evening . So if you want yo register go straight to the local government that is nearest to you and register.


The inec officials work in every local government from 8 am to3 pm Mondays to Fridays except on poblic holiday. All this information is to guide you on how to get your pvc with ease because you vote is your power guard it jealously








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