Get your company incorporated online today

Get your company incorporated online today

Get your business registered by corporate affairs commission of Nigeria.

c.a.c is a federal institution that has the mandate to register and incorporate companies and small business.

Any business that is not registered is not recognize by the government ,such business cannot bid for contract own by the government.

   Most importantly, the name of your business is also at risk because another person might use it before you. so until you registered your business or incorporate your company the name it bares is not yet yours.

To register click here

The application form will open

Search your business name to know if it is available. If the name is available you can go ahead but if it is not you can try with another business name.

Contact at no: plot 420 tigri off aguiyi ironsi street maitama Abuja

Telephone +234-229-9016 or +234-703-973-2889

p.m.b 198 gariki Abuja.

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